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I can help you release buried and trapped emotions from this life and others. Eliminate negative thought patterns that keep you stuck. Clear unproductive beliefs (such as feeling unlovable, unworthy, bad, wrong, etc.) Disconnect energetic entanglements with others that are draining and detrimental. Eliminate self-sabotage. Free up a foggy mind and a heavy heart. Release lethargy. Release noxious energies such as curse and entities attachment.

About Liberate Your True Self

In our evolution to greater spiritual awareness and wholeness, we can sometimes run into trouble, find ourselves floundering, confused, disoriented, or in deeper waters than we anticipated. That’s because in the process of transformation we have to shed old skins and birth new ones, let go of old beliefs and integrate a higher understanding of who we are. But it doesn’t happen all at once, it happens in stages. And we can find ourselves in between “selves”, where our old identity is dissolving and letting go, and our new one has not yet fully come into being. In that awkward “in between” phase, we may feel very uncomfortable, wanting to change our inner landscape yet not knowing exactly who we are. All kinds of emotions and feelings may come up. We may even experience extreme states at times. We may wonder if there is something “wrong with us” when really it is part of a natural spiritual process. This is the nature of spiritual awakening or “spiritual emergence,” It is a sign of growth, but when it happens you can feel stuck and need someone to help guide you through it. My work is to facilitate the integration of spiritual awakening through intuitive energy healing. I help people who feel overwhelmed with their emotions gain a sense of inner peace, so they can experience more happiness and ease in their life.


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