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Services I offer a complimentary half hour consultation on the telephone or in person. This gives us a chance to see if we feel it is a good idea to continue to do counseling work together. You are under no obligation to continue. If my practice is full or I do not feel I may best meet your needs, I can refer you to consider working with one of my colleagues. If we decide to continue, I will provide client consent forms and my professional policy information that will need to be completed before our first one-hour session. Sessions In our initial session I will l listen further as to what concerns you are seeking support for. I will ask you questions and share reflections to generate insight and directions that we may continue on. I will provide suggestions as to how we may proceed and together we can assess which, if any, of the other MODALITIES I offer may be of service or interest to you. You will be supported throughout to listen deeply to yourself and communicate your needs, desires and understanding. Additional Modalities I have found there are times when the therapeutic process can be enhanced by incorporating creative, exploratory experiences. You will have the opportunity to discover yourself anew through movement, posture, vocalization, writing, song writing, tactile creations, therapeutic gardening, yoga and/or theatrical representation. I know it can be awkward to try new modes of expression, and I will never ask you to do something you are not interested in trying. This work is intended to extend your understanding of your inner self and to move through stagnation, confusion and frustration to more fulfilling states of being, but it will start with, and return to, your own innate interest and willingness. You will be continuously reminded to notice and listen to your own truth as the primary navigational tool. Our bodies are often a short cut to understanding patterns that are no longer useful, and provide insight into new ways of being and expressing what is most needing to be heard. There is a vast intelligence and esoteric understanding available when we are willing to brave the discomfort of exploring our uncharted, inner terrain. It is my intention to create a space where you feel safe and supported to be seen and heard.

About Diane Brusell Counselling

My name is Diane Brussell and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor, and Somatic/Expressive Arts Practitioner, working with individuals willing to experience themselves in new ways and outgrow current limitations. I bring body-centered psychotherapy and a variety of creative modalities that can enhance traditional verbal counselling. Writing, music, song, dance, movement, yoga and theatre offer a multiplicity of channels for expression, extending and enhancing the possibilities of personal articulation and empowerment. All of these venues provide a profound capability for forging compassionate connections, self-acceptance, renewed hope, laughter and tears and are an important part of what I offer as a practitioner. Tending to personal truth, grief, loss, relationships, intimacy, addictions, anxiety, depression, life-transitions, boredom and fun. Meeting you where you are and discovering together how and where you want to be, moving through this life. I believe human beings have an endless reservoir of creative potential and I delight in supporting your self-exploration, knowing the joy, satisfaction and resilience that come from creative expression.

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