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How Trager Works Trager is considered a movement or somatic education because it changes the ways client's move and use their bodies. Three primary tools are used: -the direct experience of relaxation -the development of a body memory that is used as a reference tool -movements that the client does for their own self care.

About Chris Bruels Trager Practitioner

On her first introduction to Trager, Chris recognized this work as creating a deep resonance within her. She joined the first Trager training held in Alberta in July 1984. After her practitioner certification in 1986, Chris established private practises in Red Deer, Alberta, Vancouver, BC and now, in the Comox Valley, BC. Trager certification requires ongoing professional development. Chris has exceeded the continuing education requirements. She has been taught, challenged and supported by many different Trager instructors including Dr Milton Trager. In addition to her Trager practitioner work with individual clients, Chris is specifically trained to work with Trager students and practitioners. With this training as a Tutor, Chris supports the development of the student's quality of work, assesses students for their practitioner status and monitors practitioners for their ongoing continuing education requirements.

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