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Neuro Feedback Sessions
Crohn's Disease
Neurvana Health
Monthly Neurofeedback Training Program
Calgary, AB

$497.50 of $995.00 funded

  • Garth's Story

    So the date for my first appointment is not yet set. I have talked with Dr. Deacon over the phone. The cost is for the intake assessment.

    Subsequent Neurofeedback sessions cost $120/hour.

    My annual net income came from line 236 of my 2017 Notice of Assessment by the Canada Revenue Agency. I'm working very hard to heal myself of Crohn's Disease so that I can work again. I've met a number of people who have fully recovered and hope to be able to do that for myself. I was first diagnosed with a severe case of Crohn's Disease in 2000 and have explored various allopathic and holistic approaches to healing with varying degrees of success. I haven't been able to work for 6 years now and am relying on government and family support while I work full time on healing myself. Although my mother is generous, she is quite elderly. I'm concerned about my financial future when she dies if I'm am unable to work by that time. I have some savings but without her support, they are likely to be used up quickly. My health-related expenses are already high and even though Dr. Deacon's services are likely to be very helpful, I'm concerned about the impact they will have on my own and my mother's finances. Anything you can do to help me minimize the impact on my finances while regaining my health would be most appreciated. Sincerely Garth Thomson

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