Lucas Fully Funded

Water Therapy
Depression, Anxiety and Trauma
Centennial Wellness Centre
Acutonics Session- Sound Medicine
Kamloops, BC

$63.00 of $90.00 funded

  • Lucas's Story

    I'm 33 yrs old and have been dealing with migraines, depression and anxiety that has caused me to loss my job 5 times in the last 8 yrs. I guess each time my depression and anxiety got worst and I finally sought medical treatment. Its been 7 months since I lost my last job and finally got help in June for my depression/anxiety. I was able to qualify for 6 wks of medical insurance however, I haven't had any other income since March. I can't afford
    counseling and heard of this program.

    How will this treatment impact Lucas's life?

    I have lost 5 jobs in the last 8 yrs due too undiagnosed depression and anxiety. I'm hoping that this treatment will help me with skills to deal with trauma that is adding to the depression and anxiety. I 'm hoping to get back into the work force and to be able to stay employed for more then 9 mths.

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