Robyn Fully Funded

BioDynamic Cranial Sacral
Breast Cancer Recovery
Joan Chua / Registered Craniosacral Therapist
Adult Session
Duncan, BC

$37.00 of $185.00 funded

  • Robyn 's Story

    I was diagnosed in 2016 and have followed a natural path at great expense and with big personal commitment. I had privately paid treatment out of country in 2017 that cost 40,000. We sold our home to fund it. My fiance was laid off the same day as I was diagnosed in 2016 and he is 59 and had worked in oil and gas all his life in geoscience. He has been working sporadically on and off since then with no consistent income. I own an international online business franchise, which I run from home and this brings in about $1000 per month so far. I also care for my mom who has dementia, and am with or in support of her process about 25 hours per week. This has been a very difficult wise, and with some significant stressors and financially. I would appreciate the help. I find that if I see Joan Chua once per week, that I am less likely to experience pain and inflammation. I am also learning a lot of helpful tools for self-management of my energy system, and as I continue working with her, I feel more able to "manage" and reduce stress feelings emotionally and in my body as it comes up for me. I am requesting funding for 10 sessions @ 125 each. This is a total of $1250. I can pay $250 of this. Thank you for considering my application again.

    How will this treatment impact Robyn 's life?

    It will help me stay healthy.

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