Chris #7 in The Small Q

Bowen Therapy
Massive Stroke. Lost use on right side
Nanaimo, BC

$60.00 of $504.60 funded

Chris's Story

In February 2016, I had a massive stroke. I was 35 years old. Before the stroke, I was living a normal life and had a great job in a restaurant and a lovely wife. After the stroke all that changed. I lost most of the use of my right side and was told I would probably never walk, but I was determined and after a couple of months I took my first step. Until a month ago I was living with my Mom and her boyfriend (not a nice guy) but I recently got my own place and I am super happy about it. I am hoping to get better enough to go back to work, learn how to talk properly again and live a normal life. I had two Bowen treatments and they made an impact but I think a series of treatments might make all the difference. I am on disability and my expenses with rent heat and food use up all my funds. I would be so grateful for any help you can offer.

How will this treatment impact Chris's life?

It will help me to live more normally. I hope it will help bring back the use of some parts of my stroke affected body.

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