Chris Fully Funded

Naturopathic consultation to deal with multiple health issues
Depressed Immune System and Chronic Pain
Neurvana Health
10 session Neurofeedback Package
Calgary, AB

$99.85 of $1,997.00 funded

  • Chris's Story

    To give you some insight into my case, I've suffered chronic pain for the last 10 years. Every year a new symptom. I've suffered from a bad bike accident that nearly broke my neck. Fast forward a few years and the symptoms begin. Starting with Acid Reflux, Tinnitus, Chronic Migraines, digestive issues (Clostridium difficile), frequent memory issues and forgetfulness, dizziness, chronic pain, loss of strength, sleep apnea, chronic inflammation, and poor mobility, in that order. I’ve tried everything under the sun, from dieting, exercise, lightfast, seeing councilors, taking vitamins, and the list goes on. While dealing with these symptoms, I've tried to raise a family, provide for them, and maintain somewhat of quality life. I am currently expecting my third child in July. We bought our home in September 2014 just before the oil crash the following month. I lost my job the following February and nearly lost the house. The following year the basement flooded. I was unable to get mold specialists to come so I took care of it myself. I removed the damaged walls and flooring as well as anything else damaged. I could only afford to replace the insulation at that time. I left the basement it in this state for 2 years before I could do any more renovations which are still not complete because I ran out of money and due to my health. Because the flood was due to a cracked foundation, insurance wouldn't cover it. I had to pay for the crack repair myself and any expenses incurred thereafter up to this point. 2 years ago I and my kids were getting sick, my youngest son was choking in his sleep due to his tonsils swelling up so bad he couldn't breathe and he went to get both his tonsils and adenoids out right away. I had a sacrificed and had a mold test and a bio test and discovered mold behind a wall that was not removed. I removed the wall in the in an area where the water did not damage it and there was mold growth up to the back. I've had to gut everything downstairs and have been slowly picking away at it when I have the energy and money.

    Around the same time I and my kids started getting sick I started looking for answers. Going from one doctor to the other. Tried eating right, didn't work; tried vitamins, didn't work; exercise didn't work; saw a naturopath and had chelation done, still in pain and have chronic tinnitus; my jaw locked on me
    so I went to my dentist who gave me an upper appliance, didn't help; went to a dentist in Calgary to remove amalgam fillings in case I had mercury toxicity, didn't help any; went to a TMJ specialist to get a Orthotic that has taken the headaches away, however at the cost of $6000 out of pocket; went to see Geoff Dakin at Dakin Rehab in Calgary to help with the bad curve in my back and have received some relief but still in pain, I was also referred to the Vital Posture Clinic to help correct my neck as it has been crooked due to the accident and is still stuck that way until now.

    The last little while I have been collaborating with Vital Posture, Dakin Rehab, Dentalife, to help fix the underlying issues, it has cost me a great deal of money to get this far and I am broke and have gone into debt beyond comfort. I have not been going for treatment regularly as I am from out of town and have to travel to Calgary at my own expense each time, and the expectation is that I go 2x per week. It is not in my budget. Geoff at Dakin Rehab as well as Curtis Westersund at Dentalife have also referred me to Corey at Neurvana Health to better understand the problems I'm having but I am unable to continue my progress let alone take on another doctor. It’s been a tough couple of years. I'm exhausted mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. I don't know how many times Ive cried wanting this to end. I'm still having mold issues in my home, and have prayed to ask the Lord for deliverance from the torture I'm going through.

    I remain hopeful in Him and am humbly asking for your assistance. May the Lord bless this organization either way. You are doing a great service to those who really need it.

    Kind Regards,

    Chris Timbury

    How will this treatment impact Chris's life?

    I have been in touch with Corey at Neurvana Health and he is confident that he can help me in a big way. I am interested in this treatment but have spent a lot of money on my physio and appointments for my neck and spinal issues. I have been referred to the Wellness Association for some help.

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