Diane Fully Funded

Manual Osteopathy Treatments
Best Pain Relief Clinic/Akram Naserianaraki Osteopath Practitioner
Prior Approval - Akram
Coquitlam, BC

$360.00 of $360.00 funded

  • Diane's Story

    Born with Scoliosis and seeing degeneration in body and movement. In 1985 - she couldn't wake up, and found out she needed a spinal fusion, and needed a brace first . Completed the spinal fusion - which helped, but 2005 I was walking with my dogs, and my back started to hurt again, so bad I had to stop. I have tried chiro, physio, massage, pain meds, decompression ... and more. Nothing seems to work, and keeps me feeling better. The pain meds started to have other effects, and make me more sick.

    I would like to try manual osteopathy treatments, but can't afford to go financially or physically. I can only get up around the house, I can't go anywhere because my back hurts to much and in agony.

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    Chronic condition - back pain

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