Josephine Fully Funded

20 one on one Counselling Sessions
Anger management and full relapse program for my abuse of alcohol
Susan Ulmer Addiction Services
Previous Funding Request
Regina, SK

$143.45 of $945.00 funded

  • Josephine's Story

    I drank on a daily basis, and worked the streets as a hooker to pay for my addiction. I also have a very bad temper that goes back to my younger days, where I was always in a protection mode to survive.

    How will this treatment impact Josephine's life?

    It will help me to deal with anger issues and it will prevent me from going back to drinking and prevent me from going back out on the streets as a hooker. And with this treatment I can get into sober living accommodations. This will help me get back into school to complete upgrading (GED).

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