Debbie Fully Funded

15 day outpatient treatment program
Alcohol and drug addiction and relapse.
Susan Ulmer Addiction Services
15 Day Out Patient Treatment
Regina, SK

$1,771.88 of $1,771.88 funded

  • Debbie's Story

    I lived in Georgia and had 17 years sobriety until my father passed away and my marriage broke up. I started to use alcohol and drugs again. I was arrested in Georgia, tazzed by the police and this resulted in my fear and a brain injury. At this point I just need to work very hard at my relapse program and get well. My problems are alcohol, meth, and marijuana. I need to have a relapse program in place to deal with the abuse, also I need help because I am a very passive individual and I have a great fear of many things around me.

    How will this treatment impact Debbie's life?

    It will help me to deal with any triggers that would take me back to the alcohol and drug use and it will give me the strength to deal with my fears.

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