Alison Fully Funded

15 day outpatient treatment program
To deal with Addictions in alcohol, benzos, cocaine, and prescription drugs.
Susan Ulmer Addiction Services
15 Day Out Patient Treatment
Regina, SK

$1,771.88 of $1,771.88 funded

  • Alison's Story

    I used alcohol, abused prescription drugs, benzos, opioids, and cocaine. I have been clean now for 108 days and with the help of this program I intend to stay clean.

    How will this treatment impact Alison's life?

    The treatment will help me not to relapse into alcohol or drug abuse. It will allow me to live in a supervised sober living accommodation and give me the strength to reconnect with my 3 children ages 12, 15, and 17. This treatment will teach me how to prevent relapse and therefore prevent trips to the emergency ward. On one such trip I needed 3 injections of naloxone to bring me back and I spent a week in the ICU.

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