Sadrah Fully Funded

Cognition delay
Janet Klassen
1 hour Tutoring
Regina, SK

$202.50 of $50.00 funded

Sadrah's Story

My son faces a lot of problem in interacting with his classmates. He has cognition and speech delays. He gets upset that kids in his class can't even understand him sometimes. I have tried a few things with him but nothing really seemed to be working. So I took a step towards oxford learning as they have their name in building confidence and working on kid’s academic, social and speech. I have accessed my son through oxford learning center and they have already made a learning plan for him. They want him to join them in December. So I really appreciate if you could approve my funding application soon, please.

How will this treatment impact Sadrah's life?

Oxford learning will help building my son’s confidence and learning delays.

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