Karin Fully Funded

Exercise Therapy
Heart condition, agoraphobia, complex trauma, PTSD, anxiety disorder
Equality Fitness & Recreation
Previous Funding Request
Edmonton, AB

$1,495.00 of $1,400.00 funded

  • Karin's Story

    I am 76 years old. I worked as a registered nurse until my mental health impacted my life at the age of 38 years old. Various trauma has impacted my life and as a result I have lived in extreme isolation for many years. I have absolutely no family and community support. Equality Fitness & Recreation was recommended to me to support me to get back into healthy physical activity and social opportunities within my own community.

    How will this treatment impact Karin's life?

    Physically I need to become more confident. In addition to my mental health concerns, I also have a heart condition. I know exercising is beneficial for me and I require it for my quality of life as I get older but I am unsure with my heart condition as to how much exercise I can do safely. In addition, I have a history of agoraphobia and I have lived in extreme isolation for over 20 years. With my anxiety, I am hoping that having a support system to re-connect me to my community and a wellness plan will be beneficial in all aspects of my life.

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