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Naturopathic cancer support
Metastatic Breast Cancer
Estimated Funding Date July 8, 2020
Dr. Sraw at Total Body Health
Assessment / Treatment
Victoria, BC

$761.00 of $1,522.00 funded

  • Vivi's Story

    It was February 2018 and I was struggling to stand up and dress myself. I'd never experienced anything like this intense pain. The excruciating pressure on my sacrum and hip felt like a steel bar stabbing into me relentlessly and set up a screaming noise in my head that obliterated any thought. I felt I was going crazy with pain and told myself that if there was no way out of it, I would find a way to end my life. Swearing and sobbing, I picked up my socks with a long cane and attempted to pull them onto my feet without bending over. I needed to get out and get some food; there was nothing to eat. I hadn't been able to work in nearly two months due to what I thought was the flu and backache that had been coming on for a few months, growing ever stronger, so there was no money for food, anyway.

    The breast cancer I was diagnosed within 2007 was stage 2, and I believed that the chemo, radiation, hormone treatments and double mastectomy I had gone through had cured it. Now, after months of trying several chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists who were unable to help me, my doctor finally sent me for a bone scan, and in April 2018 after many scans and a biopsy, I learned that the breast cancer had returned and moved into my bones. I was stunned and devastated.

    Thankfully, once diagnosed I was able to access conventional medical care; chemotherapy, hormone treatments, radiation, morphine for pain, and a wonderful monthly infusion that has nearly eradicated the pain. My last scan shows the three tumors I had in my bones are gone!!! The doctors are clear that this is not a cure; the cancer stem cells are still floating around and they expect them to eventually lodge somewhere and grow again. But I know there are people who have stage iV cancer like me and have been in remission for 10, 15, 20 years. That's what I want! I want to heal the damage in my body and in my emotions that created the environment in which cancer can thrive. I want to heal the damage caused by chemotherapy and radiation as well and to create a body, mind, and heart so healthy that the cancer stem cells find nowhere to settle in and grow again. To do this, I am doing a ketogenic diet, daily walks, and am working part-time in a job I love as a bookseller to keep things low-key and reduce stress. I would like to have naturopathic care, and appropriate supplementation to minimize inflammation and make my body as healthy as possible. While there are a lot of therapies I would love to do (hyperbaric oxygen, energy healing, yoga, Vit C and curcumin infusions, etc), I believe that having a naturopath oversee my health and being able to afford a few basic supplements to ensure I reduce inflammation and have adequate micronutrients is the basis for everything else. Please consider supporting me to heal and build a healthy body where cancer is unwelcome. Thank you for your interest and care.

    How will this treatment impact Vivi's life?

    I hope it will put my cancer into remission

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