Sylvie Fully Funded

Treatment sessions with Anju Pots and Herbs
Lower Back and Hip Pain
Anju's Herbals Inc.
Bio-Metric Tests
Victoria, BC

$48.00 of $400.00 funded

  • Sylvie 's Story

    I am a 56 years old woman I live alone and work as a caregiver and I have to work lots of hrs to pay all my bills .When I was in my 20 Ihad a car accident and broke my back and now I guess I have arthritis and I am in constant pain and now my hips too are hurting and I don't sleep to well a bit of stress plus with my work I do sleep in shifts too .I am sure that I have inflammation in my back sometimes I take Advil but don't want to live on that .So I meet Anju and she talk to me about herbs and I would like to try .

    How will this treatment impact Sylvie 's life?

    That should help for the inflammation in my lower back and improve my sleep.So I can enjoy my work better and not be scared of hurting myself and not be able to work anymore.I am my only provider...

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    Sylvie Langois

    ★★★★★ — 5 Stars

    After about a month I realized how amazing her treatments were. When I moved and had to stop the pain in my back returned proving how wonderfully helpful Anju and her treatments are!! I hope to resume working with her.

    9 months ago