Dallas Fully Funded

30 one on one Counselling Sessions
Susan Ulmer Addiction Services
15 day Outpatient Treatment and 20 hours Relapse Prevention
Regina, SK

$292.69 of $2,926.88 funded

  • Dallas's Story

    I am 37 years old. I have been using meth, alcohol, and prescription drugs. 20 years of abuse. I have a degree in business management, which I destroyed with drinking and drugging. Because fraud charges I spent 6 months in Jail in 2016. Went to detox October 25th to November 7th, then to a treatment center for 28 days. Guilt of drinking & drugging. The guilt of not being around for my 8 year old daughter. Resentment in regards to my mom & dad abandoning me at the age of 10. Relapse, and many trust issues.

    How will this treatment impact Dallas's life?

    The above items once dealt with through treatment will give me strength and the ability to stay clean and sober.

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