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Naturopathic Support
Inflammation, Depression,High Stress, Unhealthy Fluctuations with my Weight, Constipation. Fatigue
Anju's Herbals Inc.
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Victoria, BC

$365.70 of $990.00 funded

  • Bozica's Story

    I had Shingles before I was 50yrs old not long after my energy level decreased, getting up in the morning, going downstairs, burning chest and stiffness in various parts of the body. Went to medical doctor got tested and they said there were no issues. As formerly a very physically fit and active person I know that this didn't make sense. I've been searching for answers, my 1st introduction to herbs proved to be beneficial. I went to a Accupuncturist who helped me with the shingles to avoid dangerous side affects of the anti-virus medications. Couldn't continue due to costs.

    How will this treatment impact Bozica's life?

    Mobility and energy levels. Be able to accept sales positions that require standing longer hours

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