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Brain Mapping, Neurofeedback, Specialized Labwork
Brain Trauma, Biotoxins, Compromised Immune & Digestive Systems
Estimated Funding Date June 6, 2020
Neurvana Health
Comprehensive Intake - Case Review
Calgary, AB

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  • Goldie's Story

    I have made maintaining good health a priority all of my life; however, I have tended to operate by taking care of others and their needs first, and my own needs last. Since my encounter with fire coral and having a piece of it lodge in my foot (which I had to dig out myself 2 months later when it festered to skin surface) my immune system became compromised. At the opposite end of that year (2013), I contracted a severe lung infection due to (we think) an allergic reaction to black mold in my environment in India and almost died (I experienced several near death experiences because I could not breathe). I was hospitalized there for 10 days, given intravenous antibiotics and other drugs they felt necessary to save my life. Ever since India, my digestive system has never been the same; seems very compromised. I had 3 concussions when I was younger, plus lots of traumatic loss that did not receive treatment at the time. I realize now how much I’ve been in denial that anything was “off” for me ~ focused instead on being the care giver I had become. However, my body and brain are shouting loudly that I need to find the root causes of my symptoms and get treatment asap. I believe Neurvana Health’s comprehensive and holistic approach can bring me answers and a protocol to restore wellness for me.

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    To have a working Brain, Immune & Digestive Systems

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