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Functional medicine blood tests
Chronic almost daily migraines, moderate/severe depression, moderate anxiety,
Neurvana Health
Prior Approval
Calgary, AB

$2,230.00 of $2,200.00 funded

  • Tamara's Story

    When TMD and migraines flared up years ago I saw a NUCCA doctor recommended by my dentist. I was migraine and pain-free (jaw has always hurt since I was a kid and done lots of ortho work on my mouth) for a year and a half (slept awesome, tons and tons of energy, everything was awesome) until I did jaw surgery to permanently fix my jaw issues. The surgeon overcorrected and stretched my neck ligaments to the point my NUCCA Chiro couldn’t get my C1 to stabilize, we would adjust and 20 minutes later it would pop out. This caused everything to slowly fall to pieces, allergies intensified, asthma developed and after a few years the migraines have become insanely severe, almost daily and chronic. Tried over 12 preventative medications, Botox, cannabis and many many natural treatments (Chiro, craniosacral, reflexology, acupuncture, massage, etc) with no change.
    At this point, twice weekly trigger point injections and nerve blocks keep it down a notch and I have 7 different medications/forms to take when a migraine hits depending on how fast and hard it hits. I have to take a triptan (pill, nasal spray or injection), Zofran for nausea and an NSAID (pill, powder, injection) and sometimes I still end up in urgent care for IV meds and fluids because of the severity. I haven’t been able to work for the last year and recently sent in forms to apply for AISH. I volunteer at my yoga studio twice a week and can barely last doing basic cleaning for 2 hours. Western medicine is at a standstill on what next. I am trying a brand new medication that becomes available in December but if that doesn’t work I’m at a standstill until the next med comes out of clinical trials (and pray that they have an assistance paying program since I can’t afford to pay full price). Cory Deacon was able to tie in every issue/abnormal blood result I have EVER had and linked everything to chronic inflammation and endotoxins related because of an overgrowth of staph in my nose. I truly think I finally found someone who can treat the root cause instead of masking symptoms.

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    Functional medicine blood tests

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