B Fully Funded

Exercise Therapy and Community Transition
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, PTSD, Anxiety, Metatarsal Complications
Equality Fitness & Recreation
Prior Approval - Equality Fitness
Edmonton, AB

$424.50 of $425.00 funded

  • B's Story

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 23 years old - the fibromyalgia has impacted my heart muscle in addition, I have had other physical injuries that require a qualified exercise specialist for support to set up a safe exercise program. The largest barrier I have to be active is my PTSD, in addition to a diagnosed permanent physical disability. Going into a fitness center has been very difficult for me to do independently as it is overwhelming and I often feel unsafe in public environments.

    How will this treatment impact B's life?

    This service will impact my life greatly in all areas. An exercise routine in place will help me to be a better contributing member to my community as I find when I exercise I am able to sleep better, have improved mental health and physical strength. Being able to be physically and mentally stronger I will be able to go back to my volunteer position as a pianist. I am also very self conscious about my current weight and would like to lose some weight so I can feel more comfortable and less anxious while in the community.

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