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Neuroscience/ brain mapping/ neurofeedback: with Corey Deacon at Neurvana Health
Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Hormonal Health, Autism
Estimated Funding Date April 21, 2020
Neurvana Health
Monthly Neurofeedback Training Program
Calgary, AB

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  • Michelle's Story

    I grew up a super sensitive child ( I believe I had PTSD or autism from earlier on/ first 6 years) I've been on medication for depression/anxiety/phsychosis for 26 years (since I was 17). At age 29 (2005) I had a benign brain tumour removed (grew on Right side acoustic nerve in cerebellum) and immediately following surgery I had severe brain bleeding and swelling which caused a stroke. These stroke symptoms were loss of vocal chord movement, loss of swallowing reflexes, loss of movement and eye lid control on right side, loss of saliva production in mouth, loss of feeling and movement on right side in mouth, neck, face, eye, right arm. I lost my hearing permanently on my right side as this nerve was cut in tumour removal. I slowly (over two years) regained use of my vocal chords, swallowing reflexes, eye lid, facial muscles and arm movement. MY hearing will supposedly never fully return on the right side (so I am 100% deaf on R side), although I believe it will return with use of Helichrysum oil. To look at me , you cant tell I had a stroke now, unless I am *tired, stressed or cold (then the nerves tire and my face does look different, and my swallowing and vocal chords do weaken.)

    Around fall 2015 I had a severe concussion, as I fell on cement head first. Not from far up, but just from standing and I tripped to fall headfirst on cement pad. I could feel my brain "shake" in my skull and I was confused for a few hours. I had the cut (on my eyebrow) stitched up, then had concussion symptoms severely for 2 years and had a hard time with noise, light and working (with children- as I am a teacher). I had little patience and was always irritable and cranky. I have recovered a lot, but I feel I never fully recovered from either brain injury. Today I have severe PMS and moodiness, trouble with anger and irritability (really affects my parenting and teaching children). I need a HUGE amount of quiet time and sleep. I WOULD LOVE to have my patience ( I used to have a ton!) back so I can be ME and an amazing parent and teacher again ;) I would love to get off the partial disability/sick leave that I keep taking from work (so I can afford to work part-time). I would love to be able to work more so that I can save some money and stop relying on family to support me or sick/disability leave payments from work. I want to plan for my future and do more than just scrape by.
    I would really like to see Corey Deacon at Neurvana Health as I have heard him speak a couple times and I feel that his clinic/health centre can really help me.

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