Megan Fully Funded

Flotation Sessions
Anxiety and dysthymia (depression)
The Floatation Centre
75-minute Float Session
Halifax, NS

$45.50 of $65.00 funded

  • Megan's Story

    I am a graphic designer and work from home freelancing since being laid off from my job a year and a half ago. When I'm 'on', I am super excited about the work I produce and my career as a whole. I have been able to survive with the projects I've been taking on but I would say I'm only functioning at 50-60% a lot of the time due to ongoing anxiety and depression. These two conditions limit how many projects I can take on and how efficiently I can work with others. I have a student loan I am still struggling to pay off ten years later which also adds to the strain and sadness I feel on a regular basis.

    How will this treatment impact Megan's life?

    I have an ongoing generalized anxiety disorder and dysthymia, I take medication for both. I struggle with lower back pain, hand stress and the ability to regulate my body temperature - this has caused me to gain weight. I have been going for float sessions on and off for a couple years and am a member of The Floatation Centre - I find it helps a lot to calm my mind and also to relax my body and relieve pain. I am currently unable to afford the monthly fee, which is $57.50 after taxes. As a member you are able to receive a second float during the month for $46. This funding would allow me to continue my membership and float twice a month for the next 6 months.

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