Kristin Fully Funded

20 one on one Counselling Sessions
Susan Ulmer Addiction Services
Counselling 1 on 1 - 1 hour
Regina, SK

$38.50 of $55.00 funded

  • Kristin's Story

    I am addicted to crystal meth and opioids. I suffer with anxiety, moodiness, withdrawal. I have a broken trust factor with my dad and am working on that now to rebuild.

    How will this treatment impact Kristin's life?

    To be clean and sober would allow me to stay in a sober living accommodation. Clean and sober I can work, plus I could pursue many things as long as I remain clean and sober. This treatment will give me the tools I need so that I don't relapse. February 2nd 2019 I will be clean for 1 year and I need to work hard to understand any triggers that would cause me to relapse. I would be devastated if relapse occured.

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