Hilary #8 in The Medium Q

Massage Therapy and Float Therapy
Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
Estimated Funding Date June 20, 2020
Halifax, NS

$1,000.00 of $2,400.00 funded

  • Hilary's Story

    I was diagnosed with a rare liver disease at 25 after two years of undiagnosed symptoms and testing. Three years later, I've learned to manage a lot of symptoms with diet, cognitive therapy, and a healthy lifestyle. However, with this disease, there are often flare-ups which are hard to attribute to anything but leave me with little energy to make it work let alone do things for myself which are essential for my mental health. Pain management with this disease cannot be done with medication (because it would be processed in the liver) and I feel I'm running out of healthy options to manage the pain. I'm hoping with some additional funding I'd be able to try other medical pain management strategies that aren't covered by the government or my health insurance provider.

    How will this treatment impact Hilary's life?

    This will (hopefully) greatly reduce the pain and fatigue I experience on a daily basis and allow me to continue to work and fulfill daily occupations.

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