Laurie Fully Funded

Physio Therapy
Chronic muscular tension and holding. Pain and stress relief.
Michael Miskin Psychotherapy
60 minute In Depth Psychotherapy
North Vancouver, BC

$73.50 of $147.00 funded

  • Laurie's Story

    I began a therapy process with Michael a number a years ago and I am now his student. I continue to receive treatments primarily with body work (twice a month) as the final stages of treatment. I am a single mother and I have a teenage son who struggles with anxiety and stress. I have found treatments with Michael to be critical to my ability to manage a full time job, a teenage son and a small practice.

    How will this treatment impact Laurie's life?

    This service helps me to integrate healthier psychological and physical choices and actions that promote well being and restore balance. Relieves anxiety and muscular tension.

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