Billie #4 in The Large Q

15 day outpatient treatment program
Drinking, anger issues, and I find myself yelling at my son because he is male.
Estimated Funding Date September 6, 2020
Susan Ulmer Addiction Services
15 Day Out Patient Treatment
Regina, SK

$177.19 of $1,771.88 funded

  • Billie's Story

    I have been clean and sober during my pregnancy and for the first 6 months of my son's life, however I am drinking again and I must get treatment. I need to stay sober. I also have many issues, such as I have gone through many abusive relationships and because of that I have a problem with men. I am taking an accounting course online so that on completion I can support my son and myself.

    How will this treatment impact Billie's life?

    It will clear my mind of the problems and also give me the tools I need to stay clean and sober. It will also clear up my anger issues. I really need your help. Thank you.

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    Billie Desrosiers

    ★★★★★ — 5 Stars

    I worked with Susan some time ago and found the way she worked was very helpful. They were a great combo of patient and kind and tough! I have been meaning to tell them that I'm doing well but have been busy with school work and I'm thankful to be able to be doing the work. They leave the door open for follow up conversation and support. It is so helpful to know that support is there. I think the program is incredibly useful and I'm grateful to have been given this opportunity. The best proof of change for me is seeing the results in my young son!! This whole process has revitalized my life as well as my son’s.
    I didn't have any problems with the funding process. I knew there would be a wait and was ok with that. I felt you were prompt and helpful.

    9 months ago