Tricia Fully Funded

ETD Hearing loss; lymph loss of drainage / inflammation
Jenna Howe
Jenna Howe Treatment
Victoria, BC

$126.70 of $905.00 funded

  • Tricia's Story

    Please see the story I submitted. I struggle with clogged ears, congestion and social situations due to my health challenges. Extensive story submitted prior:

    I suffer from ETD, hearing loss and ear issues; I have lost hearing due to body inflammation and this affects me when I am in social situations; not hearing is an impairment. This is due to fluid build up and lack of proper drainage. I try to stay positive, and am challenged by any interaction that requires hearing. I can 'hear' myself as I am in my head, physically (it's very odd and uncomfortable). I am out of sorts, and have had to move out of my home as I have health 'triggers' from the air quality, and uprooted myself from my place, to another location (friend's house) as I cannot secure or afford rental accommodation costs. I have spent money on getting better, and am struggling to be able to do so as my condition is in need of continued attention and treatment for now. I do not want to take cortisone or steroids as my GP has suggested. I have had adverse reactions.

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    It will help with hearing loss and fluid drainage

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