Jesse Fully Funded

Nerufeedback Sessions
Anxiety, Depression, Gut health issues, Pain
Two Minds Training
Previous Funding Request
Vancouver, BC

$700.00 of $1,400.00 funded

  • Jesse's Story

    As I have mentioned in a previous funding application, I come from a tough background of alcohol and drug addiction. This lifestyle led to a lot of trauma and covered up and added to numerous health issues. Today I am close to 3 years sober and I am still very sick, with some progress but not enough To have any sort of quality of life. I have two amazing girls and a wife that is very supportive. I also facilitate a local SMART Recovery meeting and plan on moving further ahead to help people with addictions recovery and their overall health. But to be able to do all the things I would like to, I need my health back!

    How will this treatment impact Jesse's life?

    I have been told after the intial assesment with Corey that he believes this to be something he can fix. He knows what wrong, and that is the first time in over three years I have heard this! So I need this badly! I want to be a healthy dad and husband! I want to give back and help other people find thier way to healthier lifestyles! this would mean so much to me and I need to continue treatmeant with Corey.

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