Carolin Fully Funded

Exercise and Massage Therapy
Meningioma Brain Tumour, Several Strokes During Brain Tumour Surgery, And Visual Impairment
Equality Fitness & Recreation
4 months - Weekly Exercise Therapy/Transition Sessions
Edmonton, AB

$375.00 of $1,500.00 funded

  • Carolin's Story

    My life changed significantly since the diagnosis of my brain tumour - the physical challenges I am facing in my early 50's, I anticipated experiencing in my 80s, and 90s, not at this young age. This has been a difficult journey to re-learn and develop myself again - physically, mentally and emotionally. Having developed a base of physical activity over the past year, I have faith that I can do this again after my most recent major surgery. Being able to be active, despite my complex health, has been amazing for both my body and mind.

    How will this treatment impact Carolin's life?

    I received this wellness package already and it significantly impacted my life for the positive. I have successfully managed to lose the weight that I had gained after my brain surgery and subsequent strokes, as well, I had gained strength and confidence and had even built myself up to 5km of running. Unfortunately, a major surgery this past fall has set me back again. I am motivated to get going, I just need some additional guidance to get to physical activity post surgery and learn new physical activity adaptations for my body.

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