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Hyperbaric Therapy
The big scary name is Parkinsons
Oceanside Hyperbaric
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Parksville, BC

$1,260.00 of $2,520.00 funded

  • Dustin's Story

    A tremor manifested in my left hand 3 years ago and was diagnosed as Parkinson’s. I spiralled into a deep depression and have recovered my will to live and heal. I have learned that full recovery is possible through trial and error of different ‘alternative’ therapies. The side effects from the conventional pharmaceuticals are unappealing so I have embarked on a self funded healing journey with help from friends and family.

    As the Canadian government has yet to recognise healing systems outside of allopathic medicine I have spent over $15000 dollars. My pot of money is now finished and I have recently learned of the great results from hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

    I believe that I need if I try the two different HBOT methods for the prescribed durations to experience whether home or institutional therapy will work for my long term healing.

    This request is to try Oceanside Hyperbaric treatments.

    With persistence and the generous help from the NWA I will heal.

    How will this treatment impact Dustin's life?

    HBOT is a non-invasive and painless treatment consisting of breathing 100% pure oxygen while in a pressurized hyperbaric chamber. HBOT utilizes this increased pressure to deliver oxygen to tissues much more effectively than can be achieved under normal conditions. Normally we rely on our red blood cells to shuttle oxygen from our lungs to my brain. With increased pressure oxygen dissolves into the blood plasma and all other body fluids. This extra oxygen speeds up and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal. HBOT is now gaining international recognition as one of the safest and most dynamic therapies available for neurological conditions.

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