Martin #32 in The Small Q

Back pain
Estimated Funding Date December 6, 2020
Diamond H Wellness
9 Pack - 9 Sessions of your choice with Christina
Saskatoon, SK

$153.00 of $612.00 funded

  • Martin 's Story

    Martin is a hard working family man of 3. He was in a serve car accident at the age of 18 which left him in a coma for about a week. He suffered memory and connective function loss. He was also severely bullied and has post traumatic stress from childhood. Martin suffers from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and cognitive and mood challenges from his complex history. Both his pain and cognitive challenges have affected his ability to work and have meaningful, fulfilling relationships with his family.

    How will this treatment impact Martin 's life?

    Treatment will help Martin secure steady employment and improve his relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. Martin is currently finding many daily activities unbearable. His back pain is so severe that he cannot sit. His concussion symptoms make it difficult for him to hold a conversation and communicate effectively and participate in planning and completing daily household duties. To deal with the severity of Martin's symptoms we are requesting funding for regular Accunect treatments for a period of 6 months to a year.

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