Adrienne #2 in The Large Q

Anxiety and Depression
Estimated Funding Date June 26, 2020
Two Minds Training
20 Neuro Feedback Sessions
Vancouver, BC

$313.95 of $1,365.00 funded

  • Adrienne's Story

    I have suffered from depression for quite a few years and anxiety as well. When I am anxious in my day to day life I feel edgy,I cant speak sometimes, its hard to get words out . I feel im so focused on my thoughts and how others are judging me . I feel like it holds me back from how I want to connect to people .there is often a wall i put up . My heart pounds fast. The fight or flight response is constantly activated ,I want to run away from people,places and things . I dont feel like myself, I dont feel normal. This makes me very sad, that I hold myself back from opportunities, and exhaust myself by thinking about wanting to do something but how it could go, and how it could go wrong.its painful to try and painful to get through the day, trying to stay afloat .
    Anxiety has made me struggle in many areas of my life ; relationships are challenging, working with anxiety is challenging too . I feel people must think im weird ,or rude cause anxiety makes me feel the need to interrupt people . I feel like im being fake sometimes. I have a very hard time paying attention ,or listening to others .My mind races and I think 1000 thoughts a minute ,it overwhelms me , then I retreat and isolate myself. Work can be a struggle , the smallest tasks seem overwhelming. I am exhausted all the time from fighting this battle . I often dont feel well rested . I just wish to sleep alot i my spare time. Im also an empath, so I absorb other peoples energy and feel intense emotions which can be exhausting . I feel mental illness is very exhausting and im not getting anywhere just feeling stuck . My brain feels fogged, it doesnt often feel clear . Ive managed to get my high anxiety down a bit through natural supplements . Instead of being anxious 70% of a day,now it is more like 40% in a typical day .I take ashwaghanda which seems to help , b complex and joyful,a mood balance supplement . But even with all this I struggle daily .its something that negatively impacts my life . I look for holistic remedies , practice journalling, take supplements,positive thinking,mantras, self love and relaxation techniques,yet I still feel unbalanced . I find it hard to calm myself down and feel relaxed . I think neurofeedback would help me reset the parts of my brain that are abnormal , and help me in my journey with anxiety

    How will this treatment impact Adrienne's life?

    It will help me to be more open and social ,it will help with connection with others, I will be able to do jobs/work more efficiently , set goals,get things done, and I will have an overall better sense of well being, I will find it easier to speak and express myself . I will find it easier to wake up,.and get through the day. I will feel more calm and at mental health will be healthy and balanced, my mood will be balanced . I may feel happier . I Wont feel like im holding myself back from things as much . My energy level and motivation level will increase . It will be the positive change I need to feel more balanced

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