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Neurvana Health - Biotoxin (Mold) Treatment
Mold / Lyme Illness / Chronic Inflammation
Estimated Funding Date April 7, 2021
Neurvana Health
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Calgary, AB

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  • Chris's Story

    My name is Chris

    I am 30 years old, born in Nova Scotia. I moved here when I was 20. I got married at 22 and started a family when I was 24. I come to Alberta to work and make a life for myself as there was no opportunity in Cape Breton. I had found a job in the oilfield working on a service rig and bought a small home and a basic car in 2014. The following spring my basement flooded and I took a cut in hours until eventually I was laid off. So a flooded basement and a mortgage I couldn't pay for. The crack in the foundation was previously there as it was filled but the basement was finished so no one saw it. Insurance wouldn't over it and my real estate agent claimed he knew nothing about it. Since I was unable to pay for the damage I repaired the crack and sealed the insulation off with some poly and left it like that for 2 years. What a nightmare. Eventually the mold set in, I didn't know what was going on and in ignorance I left the drywall on the adjacent wall, this led to mold growing up behind it going unchecked. I had found a job up north in Fort McMurray on an oil site as a custodian working 2 weeks on and 1 week off away from home. I was able to scrape by but I started falling behind on my mortgage payments because I couldn't afford to pay it as my wage wasn't enough. My wife was able to find a job at McDonalds but that still didn't cover everything. I stuck a deal with the bank to amortize payments over 47 years in order to lower my payments. This helped me stay afloat. My Son started getting sick and was admitted to the hospital with an unknown infection that still hasn't been understood, the doctors looked at me horrified as if I gave him something, I felt terrible. They kept him in the hospital on iv antibiotics for the night while my wife stayed with him as I had to fly back to work. this was very stressful. I then started to get sick myself over the course of the year and thought that maybe I was over worked. I tried everything under the sun to try and alleviate my symptoms but to no avail. I just got worse.

    My wife ended up becoming pregnant, and I was getting sicker, laying in bed most of my days off and unable to do much with my Son. I started to seek help from medical professionals and they could not figure it out. My Son started developing this motor tic that involved him sniffing all day consecutively. I then started seeing small black spots around the window ledges that were fuzzy when I was cleaning and his is when I started to investigate. After months of research and coming to the conclusion that there was mold in my home. I went down stairs and just started tearing all the remaining walls apart. There was a wall that I missed that had mold going all the way up the first 4 feet. I vacated my family and rented an apartment and had a mold test done which uncovered the truth. I had mold spores in the air floating in my home. It was making my son sick. Shortly after I was diagnosed with Moderate sleep apnea and asthma.

    I then began removing every carpet in the house and all the walls in the basement incase there was more. I removed all the insulation and sanitized the studs the best I could. The entire process took 2 months of straight working and cleaning on my days off. I never had a break. and 7 more months to find the energy to put up the dry wall and finish the floors with laminate. I was so tired... I had installed a new furnace with an electronic air filter and a UV light to kill harmful bacteria, installed new windows in the basement as the old windows didn't open, preventing air circulation throughout the home. If I can ever afford it I may install a sump pump down the road. This will keep the water table down as the area has a high water table.

    Until recently nothing I've done has made a difference in how I feel. My second born had his tonsils and abnoids removed when he was only a year old. My oldest has developed vocal and motor ticks over the last three years that have been getting worse, and I am unable to get better myself. from 2016 to 2018 I worked away for 2 weeks at a time and was home for only a week at a time. I used most of this week off to rest as I was pretty run down, I didn't really spend much time with my kids. I just laid on the couch and slept and spent 2 days doing small stuff and trying to help my wife. I felt useless. I've changed my work contract in February of 2018 to a 1 week on and 1 week off schedule and have been coping a little better. I have been able to do a little more at the house but I still feel so sick.

    In the last 4 months I learned about Corey Deacon with Neurvana Health through another Specialist who recommended I go see him. I have been seeing several doctors many symptoms, spending thousands of dollars. I have seen an internist, chiropractors, Neuromuscular dentists, Psychologists, Councilors, Dietitian, Massage therapists, acupuncturist, physio therapists, GI specialist, ENT Specialist, Naturopaths, and a few more. Its been a long road fighting against forces

    At 16 years old I was in a bad accident that nearly broke my neck. Surgery for Rhinoplasty at 18. at 21 I suffered from chronic acid reflux that put in the hospital twice. Doctors claimed I had H-Pylori so they gave me some strong antibiotics that killed my gut. this led to me getting Clostridium Difficile. I lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. After treating the C difficile, the heart burn never really went away. I was led to believe that I had issues with my esophageal sphincter, so they told me I needed surgery, a year later after preparing for this surgery they did more test and tell me that I no longer needed it, later the tinnitus started in my left ear and has not subsided since, it's changed my life.After getting no answers from my General Practitioner I have gone to a naturopath for better answers and had gotten my dental amalgams taken out after they told me my mercury was high, this didn't change anything. I then seen a neuromuscular dentist who gave me a $6000 orthotic to balance my bite as my posture was way off and said this would help with the headaches and tinnitus maybe. I had a crooked neck from the accident that caused a lot of pain nd worked its way into my jaw and spine causing misalignment. This treatment had god results as the headaches but tinnitus didn't go away. I am currently seeking therapy for my posture at Dakin Rehab to correct my spine alignment which is showing promising results, although very tiring. It was Geoff Dakin at Dakin Rehab who had suggested going to Corey, as my symptoms and pain still did not go away after much success with Dakin's program.

    After the initial consult with Corey Deacon at Neurvana Health (the Wellness Association had paid for my consult. Thank you so much) I walked out feeling very hopeful and believe that this is the treatment I've been looking for. He has reveled things to me that make a lot of sense and there were things he was able to tell me about myself through brain mapping that he should have never known unless I told him otherwise. He explained that I have stomach inflammation and the common symptoms of Mold / Lyme illness. We will test my home for mold with a test kit approved by him to ensure there is no mold left in the home before starting the treatment, to ensure the treatment is successful.

    The last 10 years have been so hard for me and my family, there were so many times I wanted to just quit. My wife is pregnant again and I am just confused all the time. I can't figure out my life or what I want to do. I am unorganized and just want this nightmare to end. I want to be able to live my life with my family and really want to go back to school to take a degree in Occupational Health and Safety and Industrial Hygiene. I wanted to be the father my kids look up too and the husband my wife needs to support her emotionally, instead she is working overtime to help me while being pregnant and working at the same time. It's really tough on her when I'm not home.

    I can't afford this treatment as its a bit pricey but would totally appreciate the support. I'm grasping tightly to the hope I have left and of course to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    God Bless you all. This organization has played a major role in providing me with the answers I've been so desperately looking for. Words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you so much for your support.

    Warm Regards,
    Christopher Timbury

    How will this treatment impact Chris's life?

    I've been dealing with chronic pain, headaches, fatigue, high stress and anxiety for the last 10 years. The last 4 being the worst. Doctors can't figure out what's wrong with me. Corey was able to tell me things about my body with brain mapping that only I would know unless I told him. I was amazed at how accurate his findings were. Corey was able to cover a lot of ground in just one session and things are looking very positive, I have a lot of faith in this treatment and am excited to finally get the relief I was looking for. I've done a lot of research on the illness and it appears that the treatment Corey is proposing will resolve several of my symptoms and have a major impact on my health in a positive way.

    Corey has determined that there is stomach inflammation and a Mold and/or Lyme illness. He has requested to test my home with an approved mold testing kit to ensure that my home is mold free to avoid recontamination and ensure that the treatment is successful. I've ordered the mold kit and will get the results the weeks ahead. Once the all clear is given, I will begin the treatment if I can get funding, God willing.

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