Melanie #25 in The Small Q

Exercise Therapy
Brain injury and pain from multiple injuries
Estimated Funding Date September 6, 2020
Bliss Pilates & Hayden Fitness Studio
Pilates Tower Reformer Private Package
British Columbia, BC

$176.40 of $588.00 funded

  • Melanie's Story

    I’m a single Mom of 2 kids and I’m 38 years old. I’ve been in 3 major car accidents. The last one occurred 15 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. We were hit by a drunk driver and I sustained a brain injury and a broken neck, among other injuries. My spine has been fused, I’m still able to walk, but I suffer daily headaches and pain. I find exercise...low impact, to be very effective, both for my pain and my mental health (depression). I’d love to have an educated and positive trainer to assist and counsel me in staying active and respecting my limitations.

    Thank you

    How will this treatment impact Melanie's life?

    This service will allow me to feel confident within myself, both inside and out. It will educate me in new methods to stay fit and relieve some of the pain I experience daily. Mentally, I need the direction and expertise of a professional, to help me work toward my goal of weight loss and a positive and healthy lifestyle.

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