Kelly Fully Funded

Counselling and relaxation
Depression, anxiety, pain
The Floatation Centre
Previous Funding Request
Halifax, NS

$82.25 of $115.00 funded

  • Kelly's Story

    I'm currently in my second year of the metal fabrication program at Nova Scotia Community College. I've moved around the country quite a bit, and am currently settled in Halifax. I have long suffered from depression and anxiety, and have been trying for so long to get it under control. I've also suffered a couple of injuries this year, the first one from a pedestrian vs. vehicle MVA, and the second is a torn ACL. Together these two injuries leave me in quite a bit of pain if I don't keep it in check. It's been a tough few years for me, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    How will this treatment impact Kelly's life?

    I've been using floatation therapy to help with depression, anxiety, and pain management. It's been super helpful for dealing with pain resulting from a couple of injuries, and I find that regular floatation therapy has been really monumental for keeping me grounded and in a positive state of mind.

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