Marie-Eve Fully Funded

Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Sessions
Lyme Disease
Neurvana Health
Follow Up Consultation
Calgary, AB

$350.00 of $1,400.00 funded

  • Marie-Eve's Story

    I lived with Lyme disease and associated Co-infections for more than 7 years. During those times I had to stop working due to debilitating symptoms and I lost everything including my apartment and my business. I am now Lyme and co-infection free thanks to 3 years of treatment at the Hoffman Centre which was funded by Go Fund Me and my family in addition to getting me into much debt. I am feeling better overall but am still not well enough to go back to work due to ongoing cognitive issues including brain fog and hypersensitivity to stimulus. The Lyme/co-infection pathogens have injured/traumatized my brain -- something that I know can be resolved or largely ameliorated through neurofeedback. It is my hope to regain my full cognitive capacities, to finish my Master's degree in Counselling Psychology and to devote my life to supporting individuals who are living with severe chronic illness. This journey has taught me so much and I've written a book about my story that I hope to eventually publish. I'm ready to return to full health so that I can make a positive contribution to the world and help others who are living through trying health ordeals. Re-balancing my brain is one of the final steps in my healing journey, one that is essential so that I can have a life again instead of continuing to spend my days isolated and coping. I truly appreciate any support you may be able to provide as I continue to do whatever it takes to heal and be well again. Thank you.

    How will this treatment impact Marie-Eve's life?

    Brain mapping and neurofeedback treatments will give me a better sense of what is going on in my brain and will allow me to heal the imbalances that keep me from returning to work and getting on with my life. To have my cognitive function restored will be the final step in getting my life back, being able to enjoy being alive again, going back to work, and making a positive impact on my community.

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    John Jensen

    ★★★★★ — 5 Stars

    I have suffered from Depression and Anxiety most of my life, and off and on I get pressure in my brain, which no one can explain, and I have asked for MRI's which I've never been granted, so I am wondering what is Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback? I can't understand how other people can get all of this done and I can't. I am very happy for you though, and I hope you continue to get well and strong. Sincerely, Johnny (John) Jensen

    6 months ago