Aaron #7 in The Large Q

20 one on one Counselling Sessions
Estimated Funding Date July 27, 2020
Susan Ulmer Addiction Services
Relapse Prevention Program - 20 hours
Regina, SK

$115.50 of $1,155.00 funded

  • Aaron's Story

    My drugs of choice were crack, marijuana, and alcohol. I have overdosed 9 times and I am fortunate to be alive, and I do not want to go back into the black past that is why I am asking for help. I have been clean and sober for 9 months and now I am feeling nervous and uptight with trying to do too many things on the go. I have had 9 overdoses and have a fear that this could send me into relapse.

    How will this treatment impact Aaron's life?

    Working on the triggers that would send me into relapse and knowing how to deal with those triggers will keep me sober and clean. And as long as I stay clean, I can remain in a sober living home.

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    Aaron Merk

    ★★★★★ — 5 Stars

    The benefits of going to this course twice a week is that it allows me to stop everything in my week, the chaos and business, and lets me sit with the counsellor and others going through the same things. It is comforting hearing others who have the same struggles, it lets me do more than just "white knuckle" my day to day. The focus and balance make my week bearable. Thank you for this opportunity, the ability to go to this course as well as my sponsor and meetings makes me hopeful for my recovery!

    8 months ago