Paige #36 in The Micro Q

Dr. Deans Total Body ReSet ReAline Pico Silver
Whole body health
Estimated Funding Date May 25, 2020
True Health Canada
Blood Typing Includes Nutritional Consulatation
Kelowna, BC

$14.70 of $49.00 funded

  • Paige's Story

    My thyroid and reproductive hormones have been so out of balance my left eye swelled bad enough to affect my eyesight causing me to have 11 radiation treatments and two eye surgeries. Following this I experienced such bad brain fog as to not be functioning and now I just need to get the final piece of mineralization in to be balanced enough to have proper bowel movements and brain functioning. This will help with Lorraine's guidance to get me off of the chemical hormones with proper diet.

    How will this treatment impact Paige's life?

    It will help me get back on my feet to get back to work or go to school to get to work and be self sufficient again.

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