Judy #12 in The Micro Q

Float Therapy
Estimated Funding Date June 4, 2020
The Floatation Centre
60 minute Massage
Halifax, NS

$18.90 of $90.00 funded

  • Judy's Story

    I worked in HealthCare specifically with Dementia Patients. While I loved what I did, the working environment was toxic and brought on severe PTSD. I managed as best I could until I felt I was forced to retire after having to take sick leave due to hospitalization from the stress. I have worked with a psychologist and have benefits to the end of February. After that I'm on my own with about half the pension I was expecting. I know with some support I can manage my stress and PTSD well enough to function day to day.

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    2 Float Sessions/month & 1 Massage/month for 3 months

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