Kendra #37 in The Small Q

Ocular migraines, memory loss, possible post concussion syndrome
Estimated Funding Date November 19, 2020
Neurvana Health
Monthly Neurofeedback Training Program
Calgary, AB

$650.00 of $1,000.00 funded

  • Kendra's Story

    Growing up, I was a figure skater and experienced a lot of injuries including at least one obvious head injury. I also had a lot of emotional trauma following my parents’s divorce and subsequent poverty my mom endured trying to raise 3 girls. I later went to university to improve my life’s circumstances and got married. I was in a very toxic relationship that drained almost every aspect of my wellbeing until I had to end it or my health would suffer potentially irreversible damage. At the time of the separation, I had just finished a very expensive wellness coaching certification and was launching my career as a holistic health and wellness coach. I later became interested in neurological health and nutrition when I started to query my symptoms of ocular migraines and possible post concussion syndrome. I would experience “blanking” in the middle of a speech or workshop and lose what I was talking about was/is extremely embarrassing. I’ve been told they’re like mini seizures the brain has. Even though this is the case it hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my dreams and I continue with Toastmaster’s to help me. I absolutely need to resolve this issue so that I can clear out the issues that are occurring in the “theta brain” as suggested by Dr. Deacon. I do not have a steady or reliable source of income and am often shorted child support by my ex. As I write this, my acct is in the red! I would really appreciate the boost to help me continue my mission as an ayurvedic based health coach so that I can properly serve others and provide for my two little girls.

    How will this treatment impact Kendra's life?

    It will help me improve cognitive function and memory so that I can become a better holistic health coach and be able to provide an income for my family as the sole income provide of the house.

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