Elizabeth #4 in The Micro Q

Bowen Therapy, Melanye Walker
Concussion; depression;chronic fatigue
Estimated Funding Date April 29, 2020
B-Well Bowenworks/Melanye Walker
Bowen Initial Chemainus 75 mins
Nanaimo, BC

$28.16 of $88.00 funded

  • Elizabeth's Story

    I got a concussion 11 months ago. I am extremely fatigued and debilitated. I am very limited in my functional capacity. I have to keep working as I am self employed and cannot access disablity but I can only work to a limited extent. My life consists of some work, and a lot of rest. Underlying all of this is a decades long history of chronic fatigue and depression.

    How will this treatment impact Elizabeth's life?

    This will help me recover so I can have a better quality of life. I am very disabled right now and I am hoping it will restore me so I can be more active , accomplish more,work more, have a social life, just be like other people!

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