Candice #24 in The Micro Q

Float Therapy
PTSD and chronic pain
Estimated Funding Date June 4, 2020
Halifax, NS

$25.00 of $65.00 funded

  • Candice's Story

    I developed PTSD after 10 years of frontline work and I have reached a point in my life where it is absolutely debilitating. I don't know much about relief anymore. It feels like I have tried everything. I would love the opportunity to try some float sessions or any other recommended services in conjunction with my therapy that could help. I also suffer from chronic pelvic pain and at 32 I had a complete hysterectomy to try to alleviate symptoms which unfortunately was not very successful. I have limited income due to high medication and therapy costs and I potentially may not be able to work for a while due to my PTSD symptoms being so severe.

    How will this treatment impact Candice's life?

    It will allow me some time to decompress from always being "on" from my PTSD and try to lower my anxiety. I have also been told it can be helpful for individuals with chronic pain which I also live with on a daily basis.

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