Olive #46 in The Small Q

Nerufeedback Sessions
Head injury, skin rashes, mental wellness. Depression, Anxiety, Anger. Hormones. Detoxify. Sleep Issues.
Neurvana Health
Monthly Neurofeedback Training Program
Calgary, AB

$1,085.00 of $1,550.00 funded

Olive's Story

Mild concussion head injury Nov 2017, and two when younger. Severe skin rash on lip, face, neck. Unable to open mouth wide enough for spoon without cracking & bleeding. Limiting beliefs stopping my work. Depression. Anger. Anxiety. Hormones.
Want to apply for more than initial assessment at same time. Brain Mapping with Neurvana Health. Up to $8000 they say. Had initial phone conversation with Liz.
Application for Neurvana Health - was not able to select practitioner.

How will this treatment impact Olive's life?

Able to function better, live in wellness, improved relationships, fulfill purpose. more vibrant. Able to eat more foods - right now very limited with food sensitivities.

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