Jessica #27 in The Micro Q

Calgary Therapeutic Massage and Wellness
60 minute Combo 1: Relaxing Massage for 45 min Foot Facial (scrub & massage for the feet) 15 min.
Calgary, AB

$39.60 of $90.00 funded

Jessica's Story

I was diagnosed and treated for ocular melanoma at the age of 24. It is rare cancer, especially in young people. I have just recently started learning about the stats of metastatic disease associated with my cancer. Drs typically see a 50% rate of metastatic disease with treatments but no cure as of yet. I'm 29 now and all this information can be quite overwhelming considering I work full time and have a toddler

How will this treatment impact Jessica's life?

Will help me relax and re-center to better manage my stress and anxiety

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