Mishelle #3 in The Large Q

Mini Implants
General Health, Anxiety and Depression
Estimated Funding Date September 4, 2020
Vernon, BC

$2,500.00 of $5,000.00 funded

  • Mishelle's Story

    I am a recently separated mother of 4 boys. My teeth issues started when I was pregnant with my first son, and developed hypermemeses. Due to major anxiety, and uncontrollable fear of dentists and dental procedures, along with the financial strain, I haven’t been able to get any of my teeth fixed which inevitably caused me to lose all my teeth via surgery at the Vernon Jubilee Hospital, as it was then covered under provincial medical. I saved up enough money for immediate dentures which I have never been able to wear due to excessive bone loss and the palate causing me to choke and gag. In my research I have found that implants are my only choice, and mini implants may be the best option for me

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    Dental Implants

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