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Central Sensitization Disorder, ie fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, PTSD, insomnia, muscle tension dysphonia, irritable larynx, hypothyroidism, tinnitus, vertigo, hyperacusis, anxiety, depression, panic disorder
Estimated Funding Date October 25, 2020
Two Minds Training
20 Neuro Feedback Sessions
Vancouver, BC

$390.00 of $1,300.00 funded

  • Crystal 's Story

    Suddenly fell ill in June 2016. Lost my voice for six months. Multiple daily airway closure attacks. Severe allergy and asthma exacerbated. Required multiple drugs, multiple specialists and attempted treatments with few answers (except irritable larynx and muscle tension dysphonia) until diagnosed in April 2017 with Central Sensitization Disorder. At today's date (Mar 4 '19) have attended 308 medical appointments. Was accepted into Complex Chronic Diseases Clinic at BC Women's Hospital in November 2017 but am on the 2.5-year waiting list. Mostly self-managing treatment/therapies with GP oversight--chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, tapping/EFT, counseling--while I wait for somebody to provide additional specialized treatment. Have been unable to work since the day I got sick in June 2016. Now deemed disabled, including meeting CRA disability criteria.

    How will this treatment impact Crystal 's life?

    CSD and its miscommunication between central nervous system and brain affect everything I do, everywhere I go or can't go, every movement and even every breath. My system is on hyperdrive 24/7, including my airway. Being able to re-engage communication between brain and CNS will help me recover many basic functions and provide a better quality of life. I've had to drop out of almost everything I used to do, be, go to. I want it back.

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