Cheryl Fully Funded

Yoga Therapy
Painful inflammation in my joints
Gentle Yoga Halifax
Gentle Yoga Class
Halifax, NS

$25.00 of $25.00 funded

  • Cheryl's Story

    I believe Ayurveda to be the most fundamental path to whole person health and wellness. Modern foods, society, and a relatively sedentary lifestyle is causing me (and everyone else!) illness, and I want to be more proactive. Right now I'm dealing with osteoarthritis, chronic inflammation, cognitive impairment, intermittant mental health conditions, insomnia, and obesity. If I can implement the basics of these ancient principles, I might be able to have a better quality of life.

    How will this treatment impact Cheryl's life?

    This class will give me a holistic understanding of joint care from both yoga and Ayurveda. I need to learn more about mind-body wellness to prevent and stop my body's inflammatory response causing dis-ease.

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