Laura Fully Funded

Float Therapy
Anxiety, Depression. Inflammation, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scoliosis and Herniated Disc.
The Floatation Centre
75-minute Float Session
Halifax, NS

$9.75 of $65.00 funded

  • Laura's Story

    I'm a sexual abuse and intimate partner abuse, survivor. I have multiple chronic pain and mental health conditions and live in poverty.

    How will this treatment impact Laura's life?

    My Hope Is that accessing flotation would relieve some symptoms of multiple chronic illnesses and Trauma Disorders. This would allow me to participate more fully in my relationships and in therapy.

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    Laura Slade

    ★★★★★ — 5 Stars

    I greatly appreciated being able to go to the Floatation Centre! Working with the Floatation Centre was great, there wasn't any confession with them on how the funding worked. The process with them was seamless! I felt as valued there as the clients that were there paying out of pocket. I couldn't recommend it more!! I am also so grateful to the NWA for the opportunity to have access to this service, I would not have been able to go otherwise.

    9 months ago