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Anxiety (often crippling lately), panic attacks, depression, intense insomnia & unhealthy cortisol levels
Estimated Funding Date October 5, 2020
Two Minds Training
20 Neuro Feedback Sessions
Vancouver, BC

$627.90 of $1,365.00 funded

  • Jill's Story

    I've been suffering from intense bouts of anxiety followed by depression after losing one of my closest friends a couple of years back when she took her life. I rarely talk about it as it's very difficult for me and I have a ton of unprocessed emotions around it and also some illogical guilt b/c I felt if I'd have been a better friend I would have been able to prevent it. Lately, I've woken up from panic attacks almost every night from nightmares around this. That paired with the instability of both the industries I'm in (acting and serving), has resulted in a very difficult past couple years. I heard about neurofeedback from a friend and it's helped a ton with my anxiety attacks and leveling out everything so I've been able to start to work through some of the trauma. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to continue treatment every week as it's out of my budget. Any support would be amazing and highly appreciated <3

    How will this treatment impact Jill's life?

    Reduce anxiety attacks (which I get biweekly at a minimum right now), help me sleep more than 3 hours per night, and get grounded so I can move past this trauma and continue to pursue my passion and career.

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